Zee TV Kundali Bhagya 25th July 2022 episode spoiler update

Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya: The Luthra’s gets to know that Rishabh has met an accident and they immediately go to us to hospital but they get stuck in a traffic jam. Rakhi gets impatient and tells that she is going to rescue her son.

She gets out of her car and tells them that she will be working towards the hospital. Preeta, Srishti, and bani also get out of the car and the 3 of them start following Rakhi and accompanying her to go to the hospital so that they can get to know what is the condition of Rishabh.

On the other hand, one of the goons calls his mother and asks her to pray for Rishabh so that he gets well soon. The other guy asks the man that was he praying for Rishabh.

He tells that he has seen Arjun and he is very angry on them and she also knows that if something happens to do something he will not leave both of them. You also tell sir wherever they will hide Arjun will find them out.

The man tells that God will not listen to them because they do bad things and they hurt people but the god will always listen to his mother because she is a good woman.

Anjali comes into the hospital and finds both the goons she starts shouting to them why did they do the accident when everyone has told them not to hurt Rishabh.

Preeta Slaps Arjun:

Preeta finds Arjun in the hospital and she gets angry on him. She misunderstands him and she slaps him in front of everyone. Anjali tries to defend Arjun but he asks her to stop.

Everyone starts asking preeta that why did she slap Arjun. Preeta tells that he was the person who was present at the place where the Accident happened. She blames him for whatever has happened.

Later the get to know that actually Arjun was the only man who has saved them and has brought Rishab to the hospital for treatment. The doctor also informed them that Arjun has donated blood to Rishabh.

After hearing all this everyone gets shocked to know that Arjun is not a bad human being. Preeta also starts feeling guilty after knowing that Arjun was the one who has saved Rishabh and brought him to the hospital.

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